How is the SCJP 1.5 exam different from the SCJP 1.4

* Exam objectives : Several important new language features have been added, including enums, generics, static imports, and autoboxing/unboxing. API features added to the exam include java.lang.StringBuilder, java.util.Locale, java.util.Formater, java.util.Scanner. java.util.regex.Pattern, and java.util.regex.Matcher. Java IO features have been added, including File, BufferedReader, BufferedWriter, FileReader, FileWriter and PrintWriter. Concepts such as loose coupling and high cohesion have been added, as well as greater emphasis on encapsulation as it relates to JavaBean conventions. Bit manipulation (e.g., shifting) has been dropped.

* Number of questions: 72 (increased from 61)
* Time : 175 minutes (increased from 120 minutes)
* Passing score : 59% (increased from 52%)
* Level of difficulty : The concensus is that it is more difficult.
* Format of questions : As before, you will always be told how many options to choose. No credit is given for partial answers.

* Familiarize yourself with Sun's exam process, including objectives, registration, testing, etc. See Sun's SCJP page for details.
* If you are new to Java programming, start with a good introductory book such as Head First Java or Thinking in Java. Check the JavaRanch Bunkhouse for additional recommendations and reviews. Refer to the API documentation and the Java Language Specifications along the way.
* Once you have a foundation, study at least one good (and current) certification preparation book. (
* Use the SCJP forum to post questions, and reinforce your own understanding by answering other people's questions.
* Take as many mock exams as possible. Use these to determine where additional study is needed, and as a guide to when you are ready.

If I fail, can I take the exam again?

Yes, but you will need to purchase another voucher and wait 2 weeks before retesting. See Sun's FAQs for more details.

What are the pre- requisite for SCJP ?

There is no pre-requisite to appear for the exam, other than knowing
Java language concepts and syntax thoroughly.

What are the types of question that come in exam ?

You will find three types of questions on this examination:
* Multiple-Choice Questions with a Single-Correct Answer
* Multiple-Choice Questions with Multiple-Correct Answers
* Fill-In Questions Requiring your Typed Response.

Why there are many versions of exam ?

Java is an evolving language . it was released with some new features , spme bugs and a lot that was not there. so at sun , people work to constantly improve the language , include new features ( as demanded by community) . when there are some major changes , a new sdk is released which supports the new features ( as well as old ones ) . these are named jsdk1.2 , jsdk1.3, jsdk 1.4 ,jsdk1.5 ....( with minor versions also). thats why there are various certifications . the old ones were scjp 1.2 and scjp 1.3. scjp1.4 and scjp1.5 are the exams which reflects these changes with new objectives ,and questions based on these new features.

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